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Semion Zharkikh was born in and bred in 1986 in Moscow Region, Korolev city. From school years he dreamed about being a cook.  Cooking seemed to him like an art –mixing different flavors, colors and tastes inspired by his fantasy.

From the 2001 till 2005 he studied in Moscow Technological College of Nutrition of the Russian State University of Trade. During his studies, he worked in the restaurants of many hotels.

In 2005-2007 he served as a cook in the Russian Navy in the Kaliningrad region for two years. After the army Semion attended the Academy of Finance and Technology. During 2007-2014 worked as a cook in the Baltschug Kempinski hotel in Moscow. After graduation from the Academy, Semion gradually rose through positions and became a sous-chef. Worked with many foreign chefs have learned a lot from that.

Semion spent his formative years training with several renowned chefs, including Niko Govanoli, Elmar Batista, Holger Jakish, Atilla Sabo, Eduard Yazler, Onno Kokmeyer, Mattias Roock, Gergo Gullner, Heiko Reichel. Nermin Hodzic.